Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Joe Sakic card #167 1996 Skybox 7-11 NHL on Fox Sky Motion #SM1

  • This is the reason I've been avoiding this card for the past couple of weeks.  What a horrible scan!
  • You tilt the card the right way, the NHL on Fox logo goes away.  I would have been happy if the card didn't have the logo at all.
  • It also kind of reminds me of my TV back when I was young and the picture quality/reception was poor.  You'd hit the TV, or move the rabbit ears to try and get a better picture...remember?
  • I don't believe that I own another card (PCs, Blue Jays or otherwise) that has a 7-11 logo on it.  I know I have a couple of Hills store cards, but don't think that there are any other stores in the collections.
- Robert

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