Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Brett Lawrie card #48 2013 Gypsy Queen mini #243

  • I like the green border, you don't see that color too often for borders (unless it's a parallel).  Nice photo catching Brett on a follow through, instead of the all too often used throwing shots that you see.
  • Bio on the back:  "From his August 5, 2011 MLB debut through July 31, 2012, Lawrie led Toronto with 155 hits.  A rib injury impacted his game the last two months of '12."  Story of his career so far, when he stays healthy, he's a player.  When the injuries creep up on him, it just kills his game.
  • Career homer #48 was as a member of the Oakland A's, and was hit 6/5/15 off of Wade Miley of the Red Sox.  It brought the A's to within 2, but they didn't get any closer as the Sox won 4-2.  
- Robert

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