Saturday, February 13, 2016

Joe Sakic card #20 1991-92 Pro Set #199 (English)

  • This stretch of Joe Sakic cards over the next week or two is going to be tedious because what's coming up is parallels/alternate versions of the same card.   But my goal is to show each card that I have, so bear with me.
  • The big thing that I've noticed between the Sakic and Thome PCs is the amount of cards released for each player after they've retired.  Upper Deck is still pumping out cards of Sakic 6 years later, while Thome has been very quiet (9 cards in 2013, just 2 in 2014 and 0 in 2015). So far in 2015-16 Sakic has 21 cards. 
  • On this date in 1989, Sakic played his 49th career game, a 3-2 win over rival Montreal.  One of the Quebec goal scorers was Randy Moller, who is now VP of broadcasting for the Florida Panthers.

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