Friday, February 12, 2016

Jim Thome card #19 1993 Pinnacle #348

  • If there was one set from the 90's that could be brought back and make me happy, it would be Pinnacle.   The black borders are great, and there was nothing overly flashy about it.  Simple design, solid photos.  
  • Bright sunny day, no eye black.  Maybe they ran out?
  • 600 career HRs for a hitter may not be seen much over the next decade or so.  Only Albert Pujols (560) is within a good season of this plateau.  David Ortiz (503) is about 3 years away and at age 39 is probably not going to make it.  The only other active player that may have a shot is Miguel Cabrera (32 yrs. old, 408 HR)

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