Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ichiro card #21 2004 Flair #60

  • Boy I missed out on a lot during the mid 2000's.  I remember Flair being a thicker stock card and full bleed photos, not a "normal" card with a border.  Not saying this is bad, it's just different.
  • I also remember Flair being a decent size set; the 2004 version is just 82 cards, almost like an A&G sized insert set.  Kind of disappointing in that regard.
  • Game 21:  Hitting streak up to 3 games with a 2 for 5 performance against the Yanks, singling in an insurance run in the 7th to propel the M's to a 7-5 win.  Ichiro's average climbs to .355, which is behind John Olerud at the time(!) who is hitting .360.
- Robert

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