Monday, January 1, 2018

Ichiro card #13 2002 Topps T-206 Team 206 #T206-5

  • Oh my goodness are there a ton of these parallels and variations for Ichiro in this set!  It truly took me about 5 minutes on the TCDB just to figure out what version this one was.  
  • 1st post of 2018 after 380 last year and 397 the year before.  Would like to keep the average at least above 1 card per day, even if it means more 2 a days...
  • Game 13 for Ichiro was a 2 for 4 performance to bring his average back up to .333.  His hit streak increases to 11 games, and snaps a 7 game streak where he only had one hit each game.  
  • This card also surprised me, it's a little bit thicker than a normal card, but not as thick as a jersey card.  It's solid!
- Robert

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  1. Ichiro's style of play belongs in the dead-ball, tobacco-card era, so there's just something so pure about seeing him on a T206 design.