Friday, January 26, 2018

Ichiro card #20 2005 Donruss Studio #251

  • One of my favorite sets that I never collected.  I've seen several of these before when Blue Jays from the set have come my way.  Love the Seattle skyline in the background.  
  • Startling revelation:  I just noticed when I looked at the card back that Ichiro is listed at 5'9".  Then I look at Baseball Reference, which lists him at 5'11", which makes more sense.   I never thought of Ichiro as my height, and heaven knows I wish I was 175 lbs. again...
  • Game 20:  Ichiro waits until his 5th AB to get a hit, an infield single back to pitcher Mike Hampton of the Yankees.   The M's won the game 7-5, and increased their record to 16-4.  Ichiro's average drops to .352
- Robert

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