Monday, December 4, 2017

Jim Thome card #258 2001 Donruss Elite #62

  • Similar to last night's Bowman Chrome card, this Donruss Elite scanned "dirty".  It even looks as if there's a chalk mark on the card, which isn't visible in hand.  
  • 2 copies of this card currently on COMC, cheapest being $1.  There are three "Primary Colors" variations, one of which is red and #'d to 975.  That was priced at 74 cents (the cheapest one was anyhow) and it's now in my cart.
  • Before I moved from PA, I frequented a hobby shop that had Thome singles priced at $1 apiece.  I always thought that base cards for a buck for Jim were a bit pricey, but now that I look at COMC regularly, I wish I had bought more back then...
- Robert

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