Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ichiro card #2 2001 Fleer Platinum #417

  • Back to back Fleer Platinum cards to start off the Ichiro collection.  It didn't take manufacturers long to jump on the bandwagon; there are 477 cards of Ichiro in his debut 2001 season.
  • Yesterday's card was $1.24 for the cheapest copy on COMC.  Today's cheapest copy of this card is $1. 
  • Career hit #2 was just one inning after his first.  It was a bunt single in the 8th inning against the A's.  3 batters later John Olerud singles in a run and the Mariners take the lead 5-4.  Kazuhiro Sasaki would come in for the save in the ninth to start the M's season off right. 
- Robert

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