Friday, December 8, 2017

Ichiro card #4 2002 Fleer Maximum #41

  • Fantastic shot of Ichiro laying a bunt down.  I have a feeling that adding Ichiro to my PC's is going to lead to a myriad of great photos.   Looking forward to it...
  • I'll be damned if I can remember Fleer Maximum at all.  Anybody remember buying packs of this 15 years ago?
  • Career hit #4 came in the at bat following his 3rd.  It was a single off Gil Heredia of the A's.  Ichiro didn't make it past first base.
  • I should be able to make a nice dent into the Ichiro collection quickly if most of his cards are as cheap as this one.   40 cents on COMC is very affordable.
- Robert

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