Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Joe Sakic card #250 2007/08 SPx Winning Combos WC-JM

  • I'm hoping to show a jersey card of my PCs each time I hit  a card # that ends in 50 or 00.  This is one of the earliest jersey cards I bought of Joe.
  • Joe's card mate, Milan Hejduk, shared the Stanley Cup with Joe in 2000-01, and led the league in assists during that playoff year with 16.  
  • There are different copies of this card; there's a combo's card with Brendan Shanahan ($20 on COMC), and a Spectrum version ($10 on COMC) of this card #'d to 99 copies.  The Spectrum version is especially cheap considering there are a few cards from 07-08 going for twice the price of the Sakic/Shanahan combo.
- Robert

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