Sunday, October 8, 2017

Jim Thome card #242 2001 Topps Stars #7

  • The majority of the 2001 Topps Stars set had already been added to the Trading Card Database, but Thome was one of the few that hadn't been scanned until now.  
  • The front of the card certainly doesn't hide what set it belongs with.   Stars all over the place.  Chief Wahoo in silver looks kind of spooky.
  • The back of the card doesn't have any stats or a write up of Jim.  It has the traditional 5 tools (hitting, power, speed, defense and arm) and rates every player on each.  Jim's only 5 star rating is for power, with the others being rated mostly 3 (speed is rated a 2, but you don't have to be fast running the bases after a homer.)
- Robert

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