Friday, November 4, 2016

Joe Sakic card #128 1995-96 Skybox Emotion #42

  • A little bit of blog maintenance today.   All the player lists have been updated up to today, so if you're looking to send something my way you should be OK to compare.
  • A quick check of the trading card database shows that there are already 14 cards for Joe Sakic in 2016-17 products, including 4 printing plate 1 of 1s.  It's seems likely that I'll be chasing Sakic cards for the rest of my life, and then some...
  • If that wasn't bad enough, there are 156 cards from 2016 itself, including a boat load from a product I hadn't heard of until today, Leaf Genesis.  A lot of those are serial #'d to 1, so that's just a bunch more cards I won't be acquiring for my Sakic collection.
- Robert


  1. The good thing about the Leaf cards in this case, they aren't licensed so to me they don't really count. You may collect differently but unlicensed cards will never make my want list.

    1. I guess it depends on the set for me. There have been some really good instances of companies doing a nice job with cards even though they don't have a license. The Panini Prizm set is one example of a good set (IMO). To each their own, for sure...