Monday, May 9, 2016

Joe Sakic card #61 1993-94 OPC Premier Black Gold #15

  • This was part of a 24 card insert set.  One of my other PC players, Felix Potvin, has a card in this insert set as well.  I don't have that one as of yet.
  • Topps Premier also came out with a 24 card Black Gold set that year, with a few different players mixed in.   Sakic was not part of the Topps 24 card set.  
  • The big difference in the two sets?   The prices.  The OPC black gold set single commons are $2.50 compared to 50 cents for Topps.   The OPC Gretzky card lists for $20, while the Topps counterpart lists for only $8
- Robert

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