Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jim Thome card #62 1996 Bowman #41

  • I like this card, even though the border for lack of a better word is quite geometric.  The foil lettering for Jim's name scanned well and is easy to read.  Dare I say it?  The border reminds me a little bit of  '68 Topps.
  • The back of the card breaks down stats vs. each team for the '95 season.  Jim hit a solid .412 against the Twins with 2HR, while struggling against the Yankees with just a .208 average.  The only team he didn't go long against was the Mariners.
  • Just 2 copies of this card on   One lists for 85 cents, the other lists for $1.  
  • The 395 card '96 Bowman set lists for $50.  Best RC in the set?  The ageless Raul Ibanez--$5
- Robert

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