Monday, May 30, 2016

Jim Thome card #66 1996 Collectors Choice #392

  • Great write up on the back of the card about Jim's HR in game 5 against the Braves in the World Series.  It also reminded me that Orel Hershiser played for the Indians at that time, which I had totally forgotten.
  • I would love to know if the photo on the front was actually taken during the World Series.  
  • Jim went 4 for 19 during the '95 World Series, with a double, homer and 2 RBI.  The Indians lost in 6 games to the Braves.  '95 would also be the first of 5 straight seasons that the Indians would reach the postseason, where they would advance as far as the World Series twice, losing to the Braves and the Marlins.
- Robert

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