Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Jim Thome card #218 2000 Bowman's Best #45

  • The card scanned wonderfully, looks better with the gold in the scan than the bronze in hand.  Interesting with the 3 panel background, with only the dual photo of Jim in the 3rd panel.  
  • Back of the card is very interesting for stat geeks, as it breaks down Jim's statistics vs. pitchers who have certain ERA's.  For example, for pitchers that had ERA's of below 3.00, Jim's batting average against them was .161 with 2 HR and 5 RBI in 31 ABs.  
  • Wondering when they weigh these guys:  Most of the Topps and Upper Deck cards list Thome at 220 or 225 lbs.  This Bowman's Best card lists him at 240.  That's a big difference for cards from the same season...
  • With 41 posts in July, I broke my own record for posts in a month.  I need to average 37 posts a month for the remainder of the year to match last year's total.  
- Robert

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