Friday, January 22, 2016

Joe Sakic card #11 1990-91 Pro Set #375

  • Pro Set wrote on the back of this card that Joe was the lone Nordiques representative at the ASG.  Furthermore, his -40 rating was 4th worst on the team.   Yikes.
  • During Joe's rookie season, he averaged a point a game before the All Star break (46 pts in 46 games), but his production dropped to 16 pts in 24 games after the break.
  • Also interesting to see that this card features Joe's #19 on the front in the lower right, while his other Pro Set card for some reason put the #88 he wore in his rookie season.  I wonder who or what prompted this change..
  • I still think the old style All Star game unis are much better than the modern ones...

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