Saturday, June 16, 2018

Jim Thome card #288 1998 Fleer Tradition Vintage #16

  • I'll always love cards that pay homage to older sets.  Love the picture they used for Jim, eye black and his trademark high socks.  Doesn't get much more vintage than that.
  • Still getting caught up on posting the 10 Sportlots cards of Jim I bought a few weeks back.  Will finish those first before heading back to the 2002 cards.
  • I think I paid a quarter for this card, the 3 on COMC currently run anywhere from $1.65 to $3.25.  Yikes!
  • Career home run #288 was the 2nd straight that broke a scoreless tie.  He hit it 4/23/02 off of the White Sox' Todd Ritchie, but it was the only run that Cleveland would see that day, losing 5-1.
- Robert

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