Saturday, August 5, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #71 2010 Topps Legendary Lineage #LL-58

  • Thank you to Kin at the I feel like a collector again blog for this card, which he sent as part of a very generous trade package.
  • Bio on the back:  How's this for a comparison?  Wagner joins the Pirates in 1900, the franchise hadn't finished higher than 6th  in 11 of the previous 13 seasons.  The Pirates won three straight NL titles from 1901-03.  McCutchen joined the Pirates in 2009, and not too long thereafter they started making the postseason.  Not quite as successful as Honus, but a good comparison indeed.
  • It's also interesting to see how the colors have changed over the years for the Bucs, with the early unis having the red lettering and the blue caps.  Today we all know Pittsburgh as the black and gold steel town.
- Robert


  1. Glad that there was at least one you didn't have! I knew there'd be plenty of duplicates, but was just hoping for the best.

  2. There was some great stuff in that envelope Kin, thank you! I hadn't seen the Gold Jays hologram before, so that was very cool.

    One of the best envelopes I've received all year, quite a bit of variety in there!!

  3. I like the dime boxes when I find them at shows. There will certainly be more cards for you in the future.