Sunday, May 14, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #51 2015 Bowman Silver #115

  • The silver foil on the logo and Andrew's name scanned out very black.  But I guess that's how Bowman justified the silver designation for this parallel.
  • One thing I noticed once I had this card on screen is Andrew's helmet.  Don't know if that is pine tar or some other kind of gripping element on the right side, but it looks very yellowish/gold, which would be appropriate for the team's color scheme.
  • Card is serial #'d 47/499.  There are several other colors for this Bowman rainbow, but realistically I'd like to have the Purple (/250), Blue (/150) and Green (/99).  
  • I was also surprised that this wasn't already added to the Trading Card Database.   That situation has been rectified.
- Robert

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