Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jim Thome card #121 1998 Collectors Choice #355

  • First blood:  Indians took the first game of the ALCS last night over the Jays 2-0.  They also took first blood in the '99 ALDS against the Red Sox.  Take a look here at that series and see how it wound up....
  • Jim's future was so bright, he had to wear shades.  This is the first card that I've shown of Jim that features him with sunglasses, every other card you see him wearing eye black.
  • Bio on the back: "Jim became the first player in club history to record 40 home runs and 100 bases on balls in the same season."  Jim would accomplish that feat 5 more times, twice with Cleveland, twice with Philadelphia and once with the White Sox.
- Robert

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